Mark Doberenz began baking bread 15 years ago with the bakery at Camphill Village U.S.A. in Copake, NY.  Working as a baking social therapist with folks with special needs he was inspired to study bread seriously and share this in his work.  As the bread improved so did the dignity within the work life for all involved.  The bread journey incorporated numerous mediums of learning:  a few classes, traveling to see inspiring bakers at work, developing a bread and food library and practicing over and over again.  Through the years certain impulses grabbed a hold and a love of the grain took over.  The bread is about the grain!  

Green Lion Breads is the current manifestation of this impulse.  Knowing farmers, knowing the grains, stone milling and creating soulful bread for nutrient consumption and deep flavor shapes our days with meaning.  We are baking with whole grains predominantly from under 30 miles away from the bakery!

Green Lion Breads is located at Franklin Commons, 400 Franklin Ave., Suite 238, in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. 


Who Grows Our Grain


Beiler family farm in Kinzer, PA has a a certified organic grain growing and milling operation and currently provides Heritage Blend Wheat:  Red Fife, Fulcaster, Warthog and Redeemer, Orange County Special Corn:  an open pollinated variety, and Einkorn, Black Emmer, Spelt and Oats.

Castle Valley Mill in Doylestown, PA provides Warthog Wheat from Lancaster Co.

Stutzman Farm in Millersburg, Ohio is a certified organic grain growing and milling operation. They provide Turkey Red Wheat, Rye, and Spelt.

Grain from far away: Organic sifted bread flour is used from Central Milling out of Utah.