Local Bread Builds Community

In this fast paced world where quantity overwhelms quality we want to be your village baker. We invite you to know where your bread comes from and learn about how and why we bake slow with intention. By supporting our small bakery you give us a chance to develop the finest breads using the freshest local ingredients and you in turn support a local reviving grain culture. You’re also supporting our use of local grains farmed only 30 miles from our bakery in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. We all benefit from a reduced carbon footprint by using fresh milled local grains instead of flour from large mills and farms thousands of miles away. See our most popular selections below. 

Ancient Grains

Seeded Ancient Medley synthesizes a melodic composition of three grains connected to roots over 8,000 years old.  Einkorn, Emmer and Spelt carry toasted seeds into a pullman pan loaf recognized for its thin slices and remarkable digestibility. This is the bread folks who avoid gluten choose with great relief.  Ingredients:  whole einkorn flour, whole spelt flour,  black emmer flour, filtered water, ancient leavening, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, grey sea salt.

Goin' to the Country

Goin’ to the Country recognizes the classic pain au levain and white flour enthusiast with this rendition.  Yeah, we still sneak in 35% local heirloom grains!  Ingredients: sifted wheat bread flour, heritage wheat blend, rye flour, filtered water, heirloom wheat leavening, grey sea salt.

Lancaster Special

Lancaster Special is our signature loaf highlighting local wheats grown in Lancaster County.  We are extracting wheat flavor in its essence.  True heirlooms like Turkey Red, Red Fife and Fulcaster blend with new wheats bred for flavor and local growing like Redeemer and Warthog. Ingredients:  heirloom blend of wheat, filtered water, heirloom wheat leavening, grey sea salt.

Time Machine

Time Machine is a vintage wheat ship carrying numerous grains from the past.  A nutty wheat and einkorn blend envelop sprouted quinoa, amaranth, emmer and sunflower seeds for an earthy, grassy nutrient blast.  Ingredients:  heritage blend wheat, sifted wheat bread flour, einkorn, sprouted emmer, sprouted amaranth and quinoa, sprouted sunflower seeds, wheat leavening, and grey sea salt.

Grain Train brings a 5 grain porridge down the track.  Cracked Turkey Red wheat, rye spelt, oats and corn add a delicious and chewy trip in this heritage wheat based bread.  Ingredients:  heritage blend wheat, sifted wheat flour, rye flour, cracked grain porridge: wheat, rye,spelt, oats, wheat leavening, honey, and sea salt. 

Raisin Rye defies reality with its soft silky crumb gently holding juicy raisins up for you.  40% rye flour and toasted ground coriander seeds contribute a full pleasing flavor. Ingredients:  bread flour, whole rye flour (40%), heritage blend wheat flour, whole rye leavening, roasted malted rye, raisins, toasted coriander filtered water, sea salt.